Kimono Air Fashion Show! Remote work makes my dream come true?

Remote work that started in March 2020, is already half a year. My company’s expense of commuting is changed from commuter pass fee to actual cost settlement. There is no sign that the daily commute will be restored in near future.

What are you wearing at home during remote work?

My company’s video conference is basically only by audio, so it doesn’t matter what clothes I wear.

So, I think of Kimono, I was really into back in ten years ago. I also wrote about Kimono in “Photo gallery in August”, I loved the beautiful design, the combination of colors and patterns of kimono. I was so crazy about it.

However, Kimono doesn’t fit into everyday life

Of course I can’t go to work in Kimono. I can’t wear a rucksack even when I have a heavy luggage. It is difficult to manage severe weather of cold, heat and rain. Gardening and walking are also difficult in Kimono.

Above all, it took quite a time to dress.

It is because I was not used to it at all, but I wanted to be dressed just like shown in a Kimono text book, so I spent around two hours wearing and fixing many times.

It may be possible when I stay home for remote work?

Not possible in real life, but it may be possible during remote work without going out. After a long time, I took out my Kimonos from my closet and tried to work on several outfits!

Most of my Kimonos were passed by my mother and aunts who received from my grand mother. Those are everyday kimonos made by cotton or wool.

Those Kimonos can be washed by a wash machine when dirty. At home, even if I wear a little loose, nobody cares. Wearing everyday, I should be able to dress in a shorter time, as long ago, everyone wore Kimonos every day without problem.

The detachable collar is sewn on Nagajuban or Kimono’s under ware and the Obi or the sash is Hanhaba (half width of regular obi), then we could dress in about 5 to 10 minutes, I guess.

These hot days, I wear T-shirt and UNIQLO’s Riraco actually, but I like to realize kimono life that I dream of in this webiste. Let’s start air fashion show of kimono!

Kimono at home! Air fashion show

The first outfit is the summer classic Yukata

This is a Kikyo Karakusa arabesque pattern Yukata dyed by the technique called “Chusen” that is to pour dye using a watering can into a role of Yukata cloth placed with glue.

I was longing for a white Yukata, at that time.

However going out in Yukata needed more brave than going out in Kimono. I was not sure if I could wear Yukata in the daytime, if I could go to the theatre in Yukata with Geta (traditional Japanese wooden footwear), if I could wear Tabi (traditional Japanese socks) with Yukata etc.

Now, I will do all of above if I have an opportunity to go out in Yukata.

Well, according to urban legend, sometimes old ladies called “Kimono police” appear and they take someone who wears Kimono loosely or violating traditional rules, to ladies room and fix it willy-nilly.

I haven’t met them yet but I think women who become victims of the Kimono police would not want to wear Kimono any more. There should be various ways of wearing Kimono. We can learn through experiences. So, I would like them to go easy on beginners taking social distance!

This Obi is a Hakata Obi in dark blue basis with gray stripes. Tighten with red summer Obi-jime (a knitted thin string to tighten Obi).

The second one features a pink tsumugi Obi. Outfit in early spring

This is an outfit fitted in early spring when it is still cold.

A thick cotton Kimono with diamond pattern. I called it “trump pattern”.

Putting it together is my favorite tsumugi Obi of white and pink. Tighten with a red Obi-jime for autumn/winter, it made me feel something modern.

The liner is also pink. Like a rich gentleman’s Haori (a Kimono jacket) in Edo era having flashy liner, I loved the pink liner glimpsed when I walked. This kind of pink, I may be able to wear even if I’m not in the age of a young lady.

The third one is a combination of purple and brown. Autumn outfit

This is a rare silk Kimono which has a proper lining. The Kimono has low-keyed purple and black stripe pattern. It is a little too dull if I wear as it is, but putting the dark brown Obi with persimmons, tightened by the pink Obi-jime, it looks lighter. The atmosphere changes.

Yes! Kimono can give a completely different impression by combining Obi, Obi-jime and Obi-age (a silk cloth put between Obi and Kimono). The combinations are unlimited.

There are many Kimono on-line shops now, so you can get those accessaries at lower prices. Even if you just have a few, you can mix and match. Kimono at home, we can think out many ways.

When I was wearing Kimono, I was happy in the beginning of autumn because I can wear the persimmon Obi. The design picks the season, that is an another feature of Kimono.

Here is a photo I actually wore the outfit 10 years ago. I have acorn Netsuke (Obi decoration). It is autumn! The sleeves are short as this is a everyday Kimono.

Well, this is the last word I would like to say, “I want to wear Kimono again!”

Could I challenge again during remote work?

When it gets a little cooler.