Low calorie simple drinks. Take a break during remote work

In the intense heat of summer, working at home. A cold drink is indispensable.

Mixing what are available in the kitchen, a little surprisingly delicious “simple drinks” were made.

With no or a very little sugar, which means low calorie. Choose depending on your mood in the morning, after lunch and in the afternoon.

When coming back from a sweaty morning walk, carbonated water with salt, pepper and lemon

My 83-year-old father says, “walk everyday even if your legs hurt!”

Yes, walking is a key to health and longevity. Since remote work started in March this year, I take a walk every morning in the neighborhood before work.

However, since August, joyful morning walk gradually was getting harder. I got all sweaty coming back from a walk.

Take a quick shower and start working. At that time, carbonated water with a pinch of sea salt or rock salt, pepper, added a little lemon juice is really delicious.

Well, so simple recipe. But you can easily take salt after getting sweaty, and the spicy pepper and the bitter lemon stimulate your energy.

After lunch, iced green lemon tea


Just added lemon juice or Pokka lemon ( a popular bottled lemon juice in Japan) into chilled green tea in the refrigerator. Not iced lemon tea but iced green lemon tea. You can use tea bags to make green tea.

I like green tea but sometimes get bored. But if you make it cold and add lemon juice, it tastes cool and gives a different flavor.

This iced green lemon tea, I often make and grab to my desk after lunch. It refreshes me so much.

A drink at 3 pm is a maple iced coffee

Again, I just put maple syrup in iced coffee.

The slight roasting aroma of maple syrup goes well with bitter iced coffee. Unlike honey and sugar, it is helpful as it dissolves quickly in a cold drink.

Maple syrup is a natural sweetener being concentrated its sap of sugar maple or similar kind of trees. Nutrients like calcium, potassium and polyphenols are also contained.

Calories are 257kcal (per 100g). If it is the same amount, 384kcal for white sugar and 303kcal for honey. In short, maple syrup has lower calories.

If you feel tired and sleepy in the afternoon, drink it. Coffee’s caffeine and maple syrup’s natural sweetness make you crisp!

Extra : Drink after work…

See the beautiful color.

This is a Shiso beer, added concentrate of Shiso extracts. Shiso is a Japanese herb you can often see under Sashimi, or raw fish.

A friend of mine gave me a bottle of handmade Shiso juice concentrate.

She told me that it was good with carbonated water, so I drank as being told. But then, I was thinking it would go well with beer as well.

The result was a great success!

If you have Shiso juice concentrate, please give it a try. It is beautiful in color like Belgian fruit beer, and it tastes exquisite with the balance of sweetness of juice and bitterness of beer.

It is not bad if I can drink a cold beer at the end of the day, after a long hot day of remote work.

It gives me power again, “do my best tomorrow!”